Hammerhead Rifled Barrels

The Hammerhead barrel is a bit of an outsider in the aftermarket barrel community. It’s one of the few rifled paintball barrels ever made and still in production. The first rifled paintball barrel appeared in the early nineties. Manufactured by Armson it was fitted to their pump action paintball marker. Since then there hadn’t been much interest in rifled barrels until Robert Judson the founder of Hammerhead released his own take on the concept around 7 years ago.

Hammerhead Barrel Showing Rifling

Now the effectiveness of rifled barrels for paintball markers is still debatable. Tom Kaye the designer of the AutoMag did extensive testing on spin stabilisation of paintballs back in the nineties. He came to the conclusion that any improvement in accuracy was marginal at the time. However, Robert Judson and many owners of Hammerhead barrels say otherwise. I haven’t used mine extensively so I can’t offer an opinion on their accuracy either way.

The Hammerhead barrel system is nicely made and I’m a sucker for odd ball products. Like most modern barrels it’s a two piece design. The backs called “Fins” are in different bore sizes and are selected depending on the diameter of your paintballs. The front section consists of either rifled anodised aluminium or a rifled anodised aluminium core wrapped in carbon fibre (MOFO kit) . According to the manufacturer, the fronts are gun drilled and rifled in a traditional firearms manner.

The full MOFO kit pictured comes with a selection of “Fins”, one rifled carbon wrapped front, assembly grease and a bore sizing template. All in all the kit is beautifully made and supplied in a rugged hard case. It’s enough to make a paintball nerd weak at the knees.