Rebuilding A JT Vortex 2 Goggle Fan

I’ve just completed rebuilding a JT Vortex 2 Goggle fan. I’ve owned this unit for many years and it finally gave up the ghost a couple of months back. Since they are no longer available I thought it was worth while attempting a repair.

JT Vortex 2 Goggle Fan Disassembled

After a tear down I discovered that the electric motor was no longer operational. Fortunately these micro motors are available from China via eBay for only a couple of dollars so I ordered a couple: M10 Micro Motors 3 – 6v, 11.5mm long, 8 x 10 wide with a 1 mm dia. 5mm long shaft.

Replacing the motor is quite straightforward. You first remove the four screws to separate the two piece housing and then pull the fan motor out of the rear with a pair of needle nose pliers. The fan blade will pop off during this process. Just take care not to lose the small plastic washer that sits under the fan blade.

Now remove the soft plastic anti vibration sleeve from the motor and unsolder the two wires. Next solder in the new motor, slip it into the sleeve and reinsert it into the frame. Then place the plastic washer onto the shaft and press on the fan blade.

Finally, reassemble the fan housing replacing all four screws and you are good to go.

I’ve found these fan units to be very effective as a glasses wearer but the biggest downside to them is the noise. In that respect my home built version is a lot quieter.