AutoMag Level 10 Bolt Failure

Ever had one of those markers where everything seems to go wrong? Well this AutoMag is definitely up there on my list of horror rebuilds. I’ve been working on this particular AutoMag on and off for weeks now and every time I get it running something else seems to screw up.

This time the problem was really unusual. The last time I’d tested this AutoMag it had suddenly started leaking down the barrel. This had me totally stumped for quite some time until I realised that the tip of the bolt pin was missing (I later found it inside the air chamber).

AutoMag Level 10 Bolt Showing Displaced Pin

From the looks of it the tip of the bolt pin is pressed into the bolt assembly of a Level 10 Bolt with a retaining compound. So using Loctite 620 I pressed it back into place.

After a couple of hours to let the Loctite cure I aired the Mag up and it’s now working perfectly. Hopefully the repair will last and this is the final hurdle in a long running saga!