CCI Phantom

Component Concepts Inc. (CCI) was founded by Mike Casady in 1979 and originally specialised in design and manufacturing consulting. Mike Casady released the first CCI Phantom pump action paintball marker in 1987 after six months of development.

Late Model Phantom Fitted With a J&J Barrel

The Phantom uses a Nelson type of valve, hammer and bolt. The name Phantom was chosen because of the stealthy woods ball style of play popular at the time. The early production models used a Crossman air pistol trigger frame but this was replaced in 1988 with an in house design with an M16 grip.

The early models don’t have removable barrels and are often referred to as the “Unibody” Phantoms. Within a couple of years though the barrel became a separate part. The Phantom has been in production for around thirty years now and has changed little in that time.

The Phantom is still popular today, particularly with players into woods ball and stock class play. A host of options and colour choices are available to prospective buyers allowing them to tailor the Phantom to their individual style of play.

The first Phantom shown in the photos is an early unibody model and is in nice condition. It even has its original stick feed. The second Phantom is a later model with a removable barrel and is currently fitted with a J&J straight rifled brass barrel.