Early Goggle Systems

These are two early goggle systems. The first is an Action Mask fitted with Uvex safety goggles. The Uvex goggles used were ordinary safety goggles and not designed for paintball. The mask and goggles were sold separately or as a package. I paid $79AU for these in 1990. I also seem to remember that the Uvex lenses had a tendency to pop out of their frame if you were hit on the goggles too. If you look at the top of the Uvex goggles you can see an early “Turbo” fan system fitted. Uvex goggles fogged like crazy and this worked a treat but you couldn’t hear anything over the fan noise. I guess it lived up to its “Turbo” name.

Uvex safety goggles were about all you could get in the early days before JT released the Whipper Snapper face mask seen in second photo. This is a much better mask and goggle combo and could be had with thermal lenses too. Whilst it didn’t give that much face protection it was a much safer than using Uvex goggles. Surprisingly, the foam is still intact on these even if the strap has lost its stretch. The JT Whipper Snapper’s sold for $69AU in 1990.