MacDev Sonic Cocker

Mac Developments (MacDev) was a manufacturer of precision pneumatic and hydraulic products before they turned their attention to paintball in the mid-nineties. And whilst they are better known today for their cutting edge electro-pneumatic markers, back in the late nineties MacDev produced their own version of the AutoCocker. But this wasn’t just any old copy. The Sonic AutoCocker was a high end lean and mean custom machine. Nearly every part of the design was tweaked or lightened resulting in a marker that could out shoot many of the early electro-pneumatic markers that were beginning to dominate the tournament scene.

3rd Generation MacDev Sonic Cocker

There are three generations of Sonic Autocockers, each one an improvement on its predecessor. This particular Sonic AutoCocker is the final model and was manufactured in around 2003. The list of features is extensive and includes:

Sonic body with Sonic milling
Sonic pull pin (Evolution style)
Sonic cocking knob
Sonic hammer kit
03 Sonic front block
Sonic 02 LPR
03 Sonic back block
Sonic Ball detent
03 Sonic feed tube
03 Sonic RED valve
Center feed (threaded not push fit)
03 Sonic yin-yang Bolt
03 Gladiator inline reg or Gladiator Gas thru
Official WGP hinge frame
STO ram and 4-way
Sonic IVG
Sonic Jewels
CP 2 Piece barrel
Titanium pump arm and cocking rod
Sonic Front Block screw
Super lightweight – gun and barrel only 2.1lbs!

The only issue I’ve had with mine is with the STO 4-way. It’s very sensitive to o-ring size and will leak if slightly undersized o-rings are used. The only other problem I’ve encountered effects all old markers, paint size. This means that I can’t run the original Custom Products barrel on the field, there’s just too many roll outs. Still this is my go to AutoCocker. If you get the chance to shoot one you will feel the magic of this beautifully built performance machine.