Tippmann A5

Released in 2002, the A5 is one of Tippmann’s most iconic paintball markers. Not since the SMG-60 had Tippmann produced a paintball marker with such a striking military profile.

Modeled on the H&K MP5 submachine gun the A5 certainly has presence on the field. But it’s not just a show pony either. The A5 features some of Tippmann’s most interesting innovations. The most prominent of these is the Cyclone feed. This is a force feed hopper system that uses air to rotate a feed impeller, no batteries required. An earlier version of this rotary feed mechanism was first seen on the Tippmann Factory FA in 1995.

Tippmann A5

The second innovation which was offered as an upgrade for the A5 is the Flatline Barrel. First released in 2000 for the 98 Custom, the Flatline Barrel is unique in that it has a curve in it designed to put a backspin on a paintball. This backspin causes the paintball to loft thus countering the usual arc of fall. This translates into a barrel that shoots straighter and slightly further than a standard barrel. I have found that the Flatline barrel is very useful when firing through openings in dense cover.

The number of accessories offered for the A5 by both Tippmann and third parties was prodigious, with barrels, stocks, triggers and sights being amongst them. It was a MilSim gear freak’s dream in its day.

This particular A5 is in very nice condition and is fitted with a Flatline Barrel, a two finger trigger, a Sidewinder low pressure regulator, a red dot sight and a RAP4 stock. The only downside to the A5 is maintenance. Being a clam shell design, the marker needs to be split for cleaning, this is not something you want to do in the field.