Air America Unireg

Released in the early 1990’s the Air America Unireg regulator and 3000psi tank was the first widely available constant air system for paintball. The Unireg has an adjustable regulator like many of the early designs and can be set for an output pressure of between 200 – 1000psi. From the factory it was preset to 750psi.

The systems I have are fitted with quite large 114ci tanks. This is probably because of the poor air efficiency of paintball markers of the day. Both on gun and remote setups were popular at the time. The on gun setups being a bit chunky because of the 114ci tanks.

The Unireg also shares much of its design with the regulator fitted to the AutoMag. This is not surprising since the team lead by Dan Colby were responsible for both. Dan Colby is currently with Immortal Air.

If you are interested in how to service the Unireg. There is an article on this in the “On The Workbench” area of this site.

And yes, some parts for the Unireg are still available from Immortal Air.