PMI-3 / VM68

Distributed by Pursuit Marketing Inc.(PMI) the PMI-3 was first seen at the 1990 Bay City Open tournament alongside the Tippmann 68 Special. The PMI-3 model designation was later changed to the VM-68 when Sheridan the manufacturer of the PMI-3 was bought out by Crossman.

Early PMI-3 Manufactured By Sheridan

The PMI-3 is a blowback semi auto paintball marker of very rugged construction and was a very popular paintball marker in its day. The PMI-3 / VM68 remained pretty much unchanged through its production run. The only major change being that the VM68 has a shorter cocking handle slot in both sides of its receiver rather than the one longer slot on the PMI-3. Velocity was adjustable in two ways. The valve assembly could be rotated to bring four different sized holes into alignment with the gas port. Or, there was a screw inside the bolt that could be used to restrict gas flow.

Overall they were very easy markers to live with. They worked well, were reliable and easy to clean. Accuracy was excellent too with a good aftermarket barrel. The only downside was the weight and poor gas efficiency. These were very heavy markers even by the standards of the day and had more recoil than a .22 in my opinion.

There were a host of upgrades and aftermarket parts available for the PMI-3 / VM68 back then, some of which you can see on these two examples.

The first PMI-3 is in its original camo anodising and is fitted with a few period custom parts:
– Kenimex Scorpion pump barrel modified to fit
– Smart Parts wooden grip
– Mini expansion chamber by Bruce Roberts
– Pro Point sight
– Quick Strip screw kit
– Custom delrin buffer
– Custom remote adaptor
– Custom L Stock

The second PMI-3 has the following modifications:
– Body machined and gold anodised.
– Second generation Smart Parts barrel
– Smart Parts expansion chamber
– Taso back bottle adaptor
– Taso grip
– Quick strip screw kit