Termite Custom

The Termite is a custom built pump marker made in the late eighties by Rob “Termite” Smith & Earon Carter. Made in small numbers, the “Termite” is a good example of how the customising scene was developing during the early days of paintball.

Termite Custom Nelson Clone

Whilst based on a traditional Nelson style valve the Termite has a number of unique features. The most obvious of these is that the feed neck can be swapped from right to left hand feed. The take down system is also unique in that the barrel, bolt and hammer can be removed as a single unit. Internally the bolt and hammer have both been machined to reduce friction and improve feeding.

The Termite was later renamed the Buzzard and Earon Carter offered versions of this marker for many years, often in striking colours. I bought this particular Termite from Don deKeifer when he was in Australia in 1991 with the Green Machine.