Proto Matrix “Hyper 2” HPR Rebuild

Today I’m rebuilding yet another high pressure regulator. This time it’s from a Proto Matrix that I’m recommissioning. The “Hyper 2” regulator fitted to the Proto Matrix is a fairly conventional design abet with a couple of quirks in disassembly.

Inside Proto Matrix “Hyper 2” HPR

To disassemble you first need to grip the centre section of the regulator in some soft jaws (I use two wooden blocks cut to fit). You can then use a hex key to remove the upper body and the lower cap. Next the air fitting swivel can be removed. Then the adjuster containing the regulator seat can be unscrewed from the bottom of the regulator.

Now tap the top of the lower regulator body against a block of wood to remove the regulator piston and belleville spring stack. The final step in disassembly is to remove the stem o-ring from inside the lower regulator body with an o-ring pick. The urethane o-ring in this particular regulator had turned to jelly so it was a bit of a effort to get all the pieces out.

The final step is to clean everything, replace any o-rings that are damaged or worn, lube and reassemble. Job done!

So yet another regulator rebuilt and lubed. I think I’ve rebuilt more regulators in the past couple of months than in the past five years! I guess it’s the price you pay for using old paintball markers.