Palmer Stabilizer Rebuild

I guess it must be regulator week. That’s Winter and cold weather for you. This time I’m rebuilding a Palmer Stabilizer. The Stabilizer designed by Glenn Palmer has been available for over twenty years now and is a highly regarded regulator. In fact the basic design can be traced back to over 30 years of products from Palmer’s Pursuit Shop. This just shows you how good it is.

The Stabilizer is pretty easy to service. Everything comes out through the bottom of the regulator. First you need to remove the adjustment screw. Then using a tool ground to fit (or a coin) you can unscrew the regulator cap. Now you can remove the washer and the spring. The piston may come out when the regulator is tapped against the bench or you can use forceps or tweezers to pull it free. Now you can use a 3/8″ nut driver to remove the valve assembly. The valve seats are pretty durable and this one looks good so I’m only replacing the o-rings which were badly perished. Palmer’s recommend their synthetic oil lube on reassembly which is done in the reverse order. Whilst the o-rings are standard sizes the valve seat needs to be ordered from Palmer’s. They also sell complete rebuild kits for just over $5 US.