Smart Parts EOS/ION Solenoid Service

This week I’m servicing the solenoid valve on a Smart Parts EOS. The EOS released in 2008 was the top of the range model in the Smart Parts ION family. The major differences being an all metal body and some upgraded internals.

The ION/EOS has a fairly unique solenoid valve as can be seen from the photos. They don’t require cleaning very often but when they do they are very easy to disassemble.
After splitting the grip frame from the receiver all you need to do is remove the solenoid clip. To do this you insert a small screw driver at the top of the solenoid (not on the windings) to lever off the clip.

Smart Parts EOS/ION Internals

You can then separate the two halves of the solenoid valve to remove the solenoid armature slug. Now clean inside the housing and the slug (do not use any lube on the armature slug as this may prevent the solenoid valve from working properly).

If you want to test the functioning of the solenoid this can be done before reassembly. First connect a battery and then press the on/off button to turn on the electronics. Then press the on/off button again to turn off the eyes (if connected) and depress the trigger microswitch. You should see the armature slug lift momentarily on each trigger press.

To finish, reassemble the two halves of the solenoid valve and replace the clip. Now all that remains to be done is to reassemble the marker and test.