Paint Magazine Forum 2004 – 2011

In 1996 I set up an online paintball magazine called “War Paint”. A few years later I setup a discussion forum on the site. That original forum was text based and displayed as an indented list with links to posts and replies.

When I changed the name of the magazine to “Paint” I updated the forum to the software seen here. But with the rise of social media discussion forums became less popular and I closed the forum and the original “Paint Magazine” site in 2011.

Unfortunately the first few years of posts were lost when my hosting provider of the time had a meltdown and couldn’t find the backups.  Fortunately I do have all the posts from 2004 – 2011 and they provide a great snapshot of the paintball scene of the early 2000’s.

Paint Magazine Forum 2004 – 2011*

*Note – the Forum is set up as read only to preserve the archive.