Smart Parts “Shoebox” Shocker

The early “Shoebox” Shocker is one of the most iconic paintball markers ever created. Developed by pneuVentures and distributed by Smart Parts, the Shocker was the first mass produced electronically operated paintball marker when it was released in 1995. Smart Parts later redesigned and took over production of the Shoebox Shocker in 1997.

Eclipse Customised “Shoebox” Shocker

The Shocker is a closed bolt design that uses two solenoids and fairly complex internals to operate. The operating pressure of the Shocker is only around 130psi which means that it is gentle on paint and produces very little recoil. The advertising for the Shocker claimed that this lead to greater range and accuracy. These early Shockers had a rate of fire of 11.5bps which doesn’t seem much today but it was faster than the mechanical markers of the day. Apart from the weight and complexity the Shocker’s biggest drawback was its poor gas efficiency. This meant that a large gas bottle was required further adding to the overall weight carried onto the field.

The Shocker was also the basis of extensive legal action against other manufacturers by Smart Parts in the early 2000’s. Smart Parts held patents which they claimed gave them rights over any electronically operated paintball marker. This caused a lot of bad blood between the paintball community and Smart Parts at the time.

This particular Shoebox Shocker was customised by Eclipse and belonged to a well known Australian paintballer (I’m sure you’ll guess who) and is in great condition.