Airgun Designs AutoMag

The Automag is a paintball marker designed by Tom Kaye and produced by Airgun Designs Inc starting in 1990. It bears the distinction of being the first semi-automatic marker ever to win a paintball tournament. Team Swarm used Automags in their victory at the 1990 International Masters. The AutoMag used a unique for the time blow forward design and was the first paintball marker to use a pressure regulator for velocity adjustment.

Air Gun Designs AutoMag

The first AutoMag shown is just how it came off the field in the nineties. It features splash anodising, a level 7 bolt, a double trigger and a remote setup.

The second AutoMag shown features Splash anodising, a MiniMag body and a host of other upgrades including a Retro valve and level 10 bolt.

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