1994 Montneel Mega-Z Flyers

Montneel Designs started out in the early nineties making custom parts for the Tippmann 68 Special. Their next project was an innovative blow back semi auto paintball marker the Z1 that would work in all weather conditions. It achieved this by having a valve system that was designed to run on liquid Co2 (this is before HPA systems became available and eliminated the problem).

The Montneel Z1 was considered by many to be one of the best blow back semi autos of the early nineties and proved popular in colder climes. Unfortunately in 1994 the partners split after a dispute. Both retained the rights to the design with one retaining the Montneel name.

Montneel went on to produce the Mega Z whilst the other partner went on to produce or license a number of questionable Z1 copies. These a4 flyers from 1994 are for the Mega Z and the Mega Z upgrade program.