Welcome To Paint

I’ve been an avid paintballer and collector since 1989. Whilst there have been periods when I have taken a break I always seem to be drawn back to the sport. This site is in essence my paintball journey. It’s not mean’t to be a definitive history of paintball or the equipment but just my own personnel experiences.

Custom Badger In Action In The Early Nineties

I’ll be publishing all my Facebook “Marker Of The Day” posts here. These posts primarily cover paintball markers that I’ve owned or worked on and give a little bit of history on each. Now I try to be as accurate as possible but paintball history is a tad ephemeral so mistakes are bound to occur. If you find an obvious error I’m happy to correct the record.

In the gallery you will find all the photographs that I have taken over the years at tournaments and club days. The quality varies a bit particularly with the older photos shot on film. I will link to all the paintball videos on YouTube that I have shot in the gallery too. The galleries that contain video footage are marked with an asterisk *. Most of them are un edited archives so it will be heavy going unless you are a paintball tragic.

I was also fortunate enough to write for the Australian Paintballer magazine in the early nineties. Later I set up an online magazine called “Paint” in 1996 which ran for many years and as you can see this new site uses the same name and domain. So some of the photos and other material on this site may have appeared there or in print before.