MacDev Cyborg RX

Released in 2008 by MacDev the Cyborg RX was a very competitive alternative to Planet Eclipse’s Ego line of poppet valve markers at the time.

The first thing that catches your eye when you first see a Cyborg RX is how impressive the finish is, it’s flawless. The CNC machining of the 6061 aluminium body is smooth and precise and the coloured anodising is rich and even.

MacDev Cyborg RX

The Cyborg RX features tool less take down of the valve & hammer assembly. This makes cleaning and lubricating the marker a simple task. Another interesting feature is the shrouded bolt that prevents the ingress of dirt into the bolt and hammer assembly. Though I must admit that I have found this system a bit fiddly.

The Cyborg RX is also fitted with a monochrome Oled screen that makes programming the marker quite straight forward. The only downer with this is that most of these early Oled displays faded away over time and this one is no exception. 14 years later and it’s now dead so no more adjustments are possible unless it’s replaced.

This was the last Cyborg from MacDev for quite some time until the Cyborg was resurrected briefly in 2014.