F2 Illustrator

The Feral Action Sports Illustrator was an iconic blowback semi auto in the early nineties. I caught up with the men behind the illustrator at the 1994 NPPL World Cup in Florida. In the first photo you can see Mike Oaks (left) holding an F2 illustrator whilst on the right Ken Farrell is holding the then new armed forces training pistol. Mike handled marketing and sales whilst Ken handled design and engineering. I spent a fair bit of time with them during the World Cup. They were both very passionate about their products and a lot of fun to be around.

Mike Oaks and Ken Farrell

The second photo shows Mike and Ken at the after game dinner. The final photo shows an armed forces training pistol. The image behind the marker is on a promotional t-shirt that they were selling at the tournament. Both t-shirts and posters were available in a Terminator themed design featuring the F2 illustrator. Very nice! I snagged a couple of each but they are long gone now.