2023 Sniper’s Den Club Day – 21st. of May

Here are some photos from the Bushballers of Melbourne club day held at Snipers Den on the 21/5/23. Snipers Den is located in Moorabbin which is south east of Melbourne. Players were encouraged to wear onesies, oodies or other silly outfits on the day.

I used my PMI-3 for most of the day and it ran flawlessly. The hammer o-ring conversion  is working a treat.

For a bit of novelty I pulled out the 2005 Tippmann C3 propane powered marker at lunch time. Many of those present had never heard of or seen one before and were quite keen to have a shot. The loud report when it fires is quite startling.

Finally I’d like thank Alex for organising the day and everyone else for turning up. It was a great day all round!