• WGP Karnivor HPR Overhaul

    I’ve just added an article in the “On The Work Bench” section of the site on overhauling the Worr Game products (WGP) Karnivor Autococker high pressure regulator.  

  • PMI-3 / VM68 Spring Conversion

    Just added a page covering a main spring conversion for the Sheridan PMI-3 / VM68 paintball marker in the “ON The Work Bench” section of the web site. PMI-3 / VM68 AutoMag Spring Conversion

  • 2004 – 2011 Forum Archive Added

    I’ve just added an archive of the Paint Magazine forum to the archive section of the site. It covers the period of 2004 – 2011 and gives a snapshot of the paintball scene of the day. The forum is read only to preserve the archive. Paint Magazine Forum 2004 – 2011* *Note – the Forum is set up as read only to preserve the archive.

  • 1992 US Paintball Flyers Added

    Just added a bunch of 1992 paintball flyers from California. You will find them in the Archive section. They include: Unique Sporting Day At S.C. Village Paintball Field Fields Of Fury Paintball Field S.C. Village First Time Players Day The Jungle Paintball Field S.C. Village Holiday Tournament Lions Den Paintball Field (2 pages) Mike

  • Perentie Badger Articles Added

    I’ve just added all the articles I wrote on the Perentie Badger to the Paintball History section of the site. These articles were originally written for the Australian Paintballer magazine in the early nineties. They cover the prototype Badger, production updates, the first custom Badger and the double barrel Viper. I found it quite interesting to re read  these old articles. There’s a lot that you forget with the passing of time and it’s good to refresh your memory. Perentie Badger Overview Perentie Badger Prototype (1993) Perentie Badger Update (1994) Perentie Badger Update 2 (1994) Perentie Borg Perentie Viper Double (1995) Mike

  • Paint Goes Live

    It’s been a mammoth task but Paint has finally gone live. For those of you who remember the original Paint web site you will have noticed many changes. The original site was an online magazine or ezine that dated back to 1996. With the rise of social media the demand for online paintball magazines wained and the discussion forums on the site slowly became quiet. Seeing that it was inevitable  I closed the original site down a number of years back. The new version of paint has quite a different focus. Gone are the forums, the latest news and product reviews. Now my aim is for the site to become…